Gates of Paradise  - Melissa  de la Cruz

Lets start with my stupidest problem with this book: The Grey t-shirt. Go look at the cover, see the t-shirt? Now go look at the rest of the series covers, besides the mask and the veil (which really aren't cloths) there isn't a stitch of clothing. So to put a piece of clothing on the last book of the series's cover irritates me.

Now on to my real problems with the book:
-Too much storyline, this series has had books where next to nothing happens so to have the last book crammed with stuff bothers me. Particularly storylines that made no sense for the characters to follow up on when they are all worried about finding the gate and Lucifer killing them. Instead some of the storyline should have been wrapped up in earlier books. It also didn't let us see enough of characters reactions to other characters chooses. We also really didn't have anytime for suspense and with all the pov's we know what's going on everywhere so there is no surprise of what someones going to do.

Spoilers of both stuff that upset me and made me happy inside:

First the bad in no particular order:
-Too happy of an ending, almost no characters we care about in any way died and those who do mostly come back from the dead.

-We spend all these books knowing God sent them down here as punishment and drinking/depending on blood is part of this punishment. But in this book we meet vampires who can do without blood, ruining the punishment.

-We don't meet God, we spend books taking about him and the punishment. Heck we even meet Lucifer, God shouldn't be that hard to write in. But even when God grants the vampires the choose of returning to heaven and other wishes, we never get to see him or this event.

-Oliver becoming a vampire, it was to be a punishment not something cool and wanted.

-Oliver getting with Schuyler's sister, it's too perfect and even though I wanted him to be happy this was too easy of a solution.

-Jack coming back to life, his death was a big sacrifice but was ruined by him coming back to life. Also why did it take him 3 years to go/get back to Schuyler?

-Bliss's story, I know there is a book but the only options to read it is 4 ebooks (I don't have an ereader and though I do have a kindle program on my computer, I rarely use it and at the moment it isn't working right) or a book I can't find. So I have next to no idea of what happens in it. But we are treated like everyone has read it and not given enough back ground on what happened there.

-And how did Bliss become a Wolf/hell hound?

-How easily Schuyler's father's family accepts her, also I feel that this storyline should have been dealt with before this book.

-Why the heck, when you know people are trying to kill you, would you get in a limo you only think was sent by a friend. Wouldn't you at least check with the friend or pull the driver out and use your powers to check their intentions?

-All they had to do to get back to heaven was kill Lucifer? This is way to easy, they should of had to something more to make up for what they did.

-The whole two dad thing makes little to no sense.

-Also parts of the history and world of vampires have never been clear and I would have loved to have seen them cleared up.

On the other hand I did like
-The story of Allegra's pregnancy of Bliss, which we have heard about for many books, but finally get to see. But I do wish they had made clear who the people where under different names earlier in the story.

-Mimi and Kingsley working on fixing hell

-And I am glad for some happy endings but it was too perfect.