Burnout - Adrienne Maria Vrettos This book is odd, we start out with a girl waking up on a subway with no idea how she got there or how she ended up in a costume and make-up. But slowly she starts to retrace her steps trying to figure out what happened to her, and where is her friend?

First let me say that this book is rather small and a quick read. Which can be a good thing depending on the book but this book felt too fast, like we where rushed through it. It's told in a series of flash-backs mixed with present day trying to figuring out what happened. For the first half the story is very believable and okay, but the second half is much less believable but much more exciting. So a descent read, I wouldn't buy it (at least for the price their currently asking), but if your library has it check it out.

I received this book through the Goodreads.com's Firstreads Program.