Before I Die - Jenny Downham I was very surprised by this book I was expecting the normal cancer book (yes there is a few different books on cancer Sunshine and Side Effects for example) they are usually good and you cry a little at the end. But with this book I spent the last 100 pages crying my eyes out, I cared so much about what was happening to this girl.

I have to warn you though this isn't the book for you if you have problems reading about sex and recreational drug use both of which she does in this book. This book is blunt she knows she is dieing and doesn't want to just die, at the very least she wants to live first and to be remembered.

At times you want to scream at her for doing something stupid, but at the same time you know if you where in her shoes you might just do it too. When you know she is dieing and you see her meet the baby you are so happy and so excited but then you find out it was all a dream honestly you just start crying for her knowing she will never meet the baby

But this was a beautify done book that I really enjoyed, even if I spent a lot of time crying over it.