Forget-Her-Nots - Amy Brecount White This book sadly (like many other YA books) suffers from Disappearing Parent Syndrome where parents are just kind of out the picture. But this book gets through it and is truly interesting.

Laurel's mother has passed away due to cancer and know her father has sent her/allowed her to go away to boarding school (what is up with boarding school and YA books?) and suddenly those odd little songs her mother used to sing are causing odd things to happen with flowers.

Honestly I'm not usually the one to fall for more girly, lovey dovey books. Which this one manages to pull off and make interesting. These flowers depending on their meaning (there is a very nice guide in the back of the book) and with Laurel's help can guide emotions. But Laurel is new at all of this which causes some problems which she must solve. Even though at points I wanted to smack her, I ended up really enjoying the book.