Brisingr (Dziedzictwo, #3) - Christopher Paolini, Paulina Braiter This is my favorite of the series, Eragon was good but some how off and Eldest just bugged me. But a couple observations:

1. The switching between characters was much smoother and It didn't bore me as much.

2. I think Christopher Paolini read the The Clan of the Cave Bearseries for two reasons the mentioning of the cave bears, the use of a cave bear stomach and how it was used to cook, and the Dwarfs banishment was way to much like the clans death curse. While I guess that's three but you get my point.

3. While interesting this book didn't move the story as much as I would have liked.

So a good book, but Paolini if you do this "Only one more book, but I don't have enough space to finish it in this one..." again I will be very ticked off. Also please hurry up with the next book!